Crafting, Baby stuff, etc11/17/09

Hey hey hey!

I just got done shoveling money into the gaping maw of Yahoo. Apparently, it just costs too much for them to host so many big, bad pictures of my daughter on Flickr, so I had to renew my pro account. Let's just say, I know how much it costs for ME to host stuff on this site, so telling me that it is going to gost 25 bucks to host my low-res, 600 pixel wide baby pictures for a year is a hard sell. But not so hard that I won't pay it to fix my blog. YOU HAPPY, YAHOO? At least now your starving children will get some gruel, huh?

That's out of the way, so how are y'all? I'm feeling fantastic, thanks for asking. I'm just chilling out here in my office (AKA the spare bedroom where I store my wardrobe, all my craft stuff, and my big old picture-drawing rig. And my drugs. I'm just kidding. No, I'm not. Yes, I am...not...not kidding.)

I've been doing a lot of craft stuff lately. I made a tuffet thing while reacquainting myself with the ol' Husqvarna, as well as a little jumper for Nona out of some leftover Marc Jacobs fabric I scored from a friend. I've been making amigurumis, too, and trying to figure out shaping and stuff with that so I can make my own patterns. I have also been trying my hand at the ambitious craft of thread crochet, which is basically like crocheting only you use fine thread, and teeeeny little 1mm hooks, and you make lace or filet mesh or doilies or what have you.

I dig needle crafts pretty good. I taught myself to knit a long time ago, when I was working as a phone sex operator, since I would spend 8 hour shifts just hanging out in a cubicle with nothing to do aside from waiting for calls to come in. I knit for a good while, and never really got that good at it. I could make scarves or a hat, but I never got better than knitting and purling little patterns on scarves and using double-pointed needles. Crocheting, on the other hand, I took to pretty easily. I taught myself all the stitches and for whatever reason, it just made a lot more sense to me. I was able to immediately try out intermediate patterns and make animals and stuff for Nona, and now I basically rule ass at it. I am butting up against the COSTS associated with it, though. Yarn is fucking expensive if you get the nice stuff. That is why I have been doing the amigurumis, since you just use the cheap Red Heart for them, and the thread crochet is super inexpensive. You can get a big ball of 350 yards of thread for less than 2 bucks, so you can do some really beautiful intricate project that is pretty impressive and satisfying for nothing. Not to mention, thread crochet doesn't have the trendyness associated with it like something like armwarmers or whatever. It's not that I dislike trendyness that much, it's just that when something is real popular, there will come a time when it is not so cool anymore. With my doilies, nobody thinks making doilies is that cool, so nobody will deem it uncool and leave me holding my tube full of steels. I'm a loner, okay?

Anyway, here are some pics of a couple things I've been working on lately...


Also, last month Miss Nona had her first birthday. I didn't want to have a big party for her or anything like that, since little kids don't really like big parties when they are that young. I tried to keep things low-key, and only invited her grandparents and aunts, but it was still a bit of a to-do since our house is not real big. After the Thanksgiving with the cream-cheese pinwheels, I quit trying to make nice food for people. So, I ordered a cake, bought some pre-made BBQ sandwich meat to put in the crockpot, and served the sandwiches with chips and some pre-cut veggies and dip. I didn't cook shit, and nobody knew the difference. I invested most of my time decorating the day before, because I figured the only thing Nona would really dig would be having balloons and sparkly streamers in the house. I spent a lot of time cutting circles out of construction paper, and cutting and taping them to make tiny party hats, and putting party hats on all the figurines and taxedermied animals in the house, and taping little triangle hats to all the people in all the pictures on the wall. The rest of the party stuff was just a distraction from her nap, and a bunch of people she doesn't see that often blocking her path to the fireplace to fuck with the gas valve.

It's pretty crazy thinking about how little she was last year. She was tiny tiny and weighed 4 pounds, and now she is on the big side of the baby-size-chart, and weighs like 25 pounds. And she is TALL, taller than some 2 years olds we've met. A pretty impressive clip. If a full-sized person gained 20 pounds it would be quite apparent, more than quadrupling your weight in a year is a fucking feat to say the least. She may outgrow clothes like a mug, but she is still pretty fashionable for a baby...

nona-collage-fall-2009 The best part about her is that she thinks she is a grown-up, she just wants to chill out with adults and listen in on their conversations. You can take her anywhere with no problems-- restaurants, the conceptual art museum, wherever. Just yesterday I met up at the coffee shop with one of my main bitches, and hung out for 3 hours. Nona just sat in her stroller and listened in on the conversation and would laugh whenever we would laugh about something. She never cries about anything, and she is really funny and cool to hang out with. I'm not sure how much of that is genetics, and how much of that is just her being totally indulged all the time, but I am not complaining. She can continue being cool for as long as she wants.

Speaking of genetics, it appears that, even though she looked just like her dad when she was born, my genes pulled through in the end and suddenly we are twins. Check it out, the pic on the left is me and my grandmother, the pic on the right is Nona when she was exactly the same age as I was in the first pic...


So, anyway, that's what's been up with me lately!


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