HEY, Y'ALL! What is up with you? Long time, no see. Sorry if I haven't been blogging much lately, not much has been going on here except a bunch of boring old people stuff. I don't think my life is particularly uninteresting, and I am sure that other boring old people would think my day-to-day activities are fulfilling and interesting, but it is not real blog-worthy material. OH, FALAFEL IS JUST AS GOOD WHEN I BAKE IT! TYPE TYPE TYPE... I mean, I had fun, but I'm not going to be getting any Webby awards, ifyouknowwhatimean.

I just rather not write in here if I don't have anything compelling to talk about, since I am not a blogeur.

Add to that the fact that I am a shitty 14 year old trapped in a boring old lady's body, every time I got an email that said BLOG the 14 year old inside of me got all petulant and was like NUH-UH YOU'RE NOT MY DAD.

Anyway, on to the bullet points:

-Did you know that I have some new bags in the store zone? It's true. You can put all kinds of stuff in em, books, records, bullshit, other junk... They are pretty sturdy, and stress-tested to 75 lbs, so even if you eat bowling balls, these would work for your groceries. Check them out if you like. They are $10 each, so it is almost like I have a mental illness.

-My own kid, Miss Nona Dell, has a pretty sweet side gig doing a little baby modeling for my pal Amy. Amy makes very awesome wooden teethers right here in Columbus. All her stuff is handmade of locally-sourced hardwood and finished with organic flaxseed oil. They are pretty nice! Nona likes 'em, and they don't even have batteries or anything. If you're into baby stuff, or organic stuff, or chewing on stuff, I suggest you check her site out. HER SITE IS RIGHT HERE. Nona is the baby in the beginning slideshow thing wearing the purple tshirt and black skirt, FYI.

In other Nona news, she's still being the most awesome and badass 10 month old baby ever. She doesn't cry and sleeps 11 hours a night and just likes chilling out and making beats on the MPC with her dad. Parenthood is pretty uneventful after the fire and brimstone of all that hospital drama last year. She's basically just another cool dude who hangs out at our house, only she's incontinent.

Here she is, muggin'. straight muggin'


I got some more stuff in the pipes here, so I won''t be leaving y'all hanging as long until the next installment. Stay cool, guys!!
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