New Shirts03/09/09

Soooo, there are NEW Natalie Dee shirts in the Sharing Machine store... These shirts are a looooong time coming, since we had so many changes to the store and our shirt vendors and all that in the past year. I haven't had any new shirts for nine months, and this has been my first opportunity to take advantage of our awesome new printer.

We scoured the far corners of the earth to find the very best printer, who was able to do just about anything we were able to dream up, and do it at a competitive price. As you can see from the two examples below, these new shirts turned out TIGHT AS HELL:

The excellent, 11-color Raisins shirt...

And the resplendent I Don't Care shirt...

So, please check out these, as well as the SEVEN other new shirts on my store page. As an added bonus, I have a coupon code for my loyal blog readers... If you purchase a new shirt (or any other shirt), just enter the coupon code SPRINGTIME at checkout for 2 dollars off your order. Please note that the coupon expires Friday, March 13th.

Also, I don't mean to be boastful or anything, but I really do think these new shirts turned out especially well, and I dare you to find any other webcomic who is selling 11-color shirts for 16 bucks (13 bucks if you buy 3 or more.) We really busted our chops to be able to offer the absolute best screenprinting for the most bargain-basement price possible.

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