Fashion Lady12/12/08

The one thing Nona and I have in common is that we both have giant wardrobes that we can't fit into. Nona, because I thought she was going to be a regular baby, so I bought regular sized clothes for her and she ended up being the size of a Big Mac, and I obviously can't fit into any of my good clothes at the moment because I am a fat lump.

Lucky for Nona, she was able to accessorize during those dark days when all she was able to wear was little tiny Winnie the Pooh pajamas and shit.

Now, she is FINALLY big enough to fit into some of the clothes I bought her back in the day! This is pretty exciting for me, seeing as I am still pretty much on house arrest due to her smallness. You can't really take a 6 pound baby out in the cold Ohio winter, during the X-mas season when everyone is spreading their germs around. You are pretty much left to sitting around inside, acting as the handwash-enforcing prisoner whose only hobby is playing doll-baby dress up with the warden. ANYWAY, she is looking a lot more fabulous, if you ask me.
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