So, some of y'all might have read in Drew's blog that I was in the hospital recently.

I am still in the hospital. I've been here for a week, and will probably still be here for a few days at least.

I apologize if this blog is not meaty enough, but I am jacked up on about 80 different meds, and can barely sit up for more than a half hour without passing the fuck out.

I am in the hospital because I got a wretched case of pre-ecclampsia, which you are more than welcome to look up if you like. I've been in bed, with a catheter and an IV and hourly blood pressure readings and mechanical socks pumping the fluid out off my feet for longer than I care to remember at this point. Luckily, I am just about done with being sick. There is only one cure for pre-ecclampsia, and that is to have a baby kind of like this one...

Hey, look, it's the miniature Miss Nona! I MADE HER ALL BY MYSELF. I guess Drew helped, too, but shit. WHERE IS YOUR CATHETER, DREW??

I will post more on this later, after I get out of my premature baby/magnesium sulfate IV drip/narcotic haze. Thanks for everyone's well-wishing emails!!
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