Quick Note on New Stuff09/27/08

Hey, everyone... If you've tried purchasing shirts from the store lately, aside from being totally wowed by the new store layout, you probably noticed that a lot of shirts were sold out. That happens, sometimes, but you'll be pleased to know that we restocked the PERSONAL SPACE, HATE, and AWESOME shirts. So, feel free to check those out if you missed the first batches that were printed


Also, we recently had our web developer code up an RSS feed for those of you who are into that kind of thing. If you are not, that is cool, too, I don't use any kinds of feeds for my internet, either. But, if you are so swamped with sites to read that you can't even imagine having to remember coming to mine (I am touched!), then, by all means, have at. There are also feeds for Toothpaste for Dinner, Married to the Sea, and Drew's new thing, Superpoop.


Also, a reminder, if you'd like a question answered in Ask Natalie, the advice column in this here blog, feel free to send your problems to [ask natalie at natalie dee dot com]. Please be sure to put ASK NATALIE in the subject line, cause I get a TON of spam, and if it says something like PROBLEM WITH LADIES or something, I will assume that you are trying to sell me Viagra or a penis enlarger, and probably accidently delete it without noticing. Ok? OK!!

Alright, well I gotta go make a trip across town to take a shower. After the awesome week-long power outage, my water heater decided to bite the dust, and it is not gonna be replaced until tomorrow (HOPEFULLY!! PLEASE GET REPLACED TOMORROW, WATER HEATER!!) If it wasn't for my sister living in town, and living somewhere that has all the comforts of a a place people normally live, I would have had some freezing cold chattering goosebump showers in the dark, lately, I tell you what. Check y'all later!!
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