Holy Crud!08/25/08

Hey, everyone... 4 months ago, our store went down for a redesign, plus a changeover from Drew and I packing orders, to a professional fulfillment company packing orders. Unfortunately, the switch took a LOT longer than we had anticipated, and some snags along the way resulted in having to start over at square one back in July. SHITTY.

The good news is that we are now all set up at a super-awesome and professional fulfillment service based out of Pittsburgh, and these cats will ship stuff with great speed and skill. It costs a little bit more for us to have other people do the manual labor, but the speed and precision, and the plethora of shipping options we are now able to offer you guys makes it all worthwhile. We beta-tested everything over the last couple weeks, and were really blown away with what an excellent job they did. PLUS, the store is totally redesigned (you can shop Natalie Dee merch, Married to the Sea, and Toothpaste for Dinner all at once!) AND there are new Natalie Dee shirts, a new Married to the Sea shirt, and twenty-some new Married to the Sea prints! AND AND AND we are no longer processing orders through PayPal, so you don't need an account with them to make a purchase, and you don't need to worry if you are one of those folks who just don't trust PayPal that much.

So, please CHECK OUT THE NEW STORE!! If you are one of the million cats who have written me in the past few months begging to buy stuff, now is your chance! The grand-opening is tomorrow, but this is an opportunity for my blog-readers to check out the new store before we start linking it from the front and all that jazz. I am pretty amped, I hope y'all like the changes (and buy something, since I haven't had any income at all since April.)
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