Secret Sale04/22/08

Oh hey, ramblers...

I forgot to mention when I was blogging and blogging til I was blue in the face that y'all should add yourselves, if you haven't already, to my ol' MySpace.

What is in it for you? Well, we will be sending out a bulletin sometime later this month to people who are our MySpace friends with a link to a top-secret sale. We are doing this to clear out older, out of print stuff that is taking up space to make room for some hot newness... WHO KNOWS what will be for sale! It is a mystery, and only our friends (AKA imaginary friends) will be invited to the exciting conclusion. If you don't wanna be MySpace friends, well, I don't know what to tell you. This is the only way we could figure out how to offer crazy, different stuff without it all selling out immediately.

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