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Q: If the plural for man is men, and the plural for woman is women, then why isn't the plural for human humen?

A: The reason the plural of "human" is not "humen" is that "human" is primarily an adjective and not a noun. Adjectives don't typically have a plural form (although they do in other languages, like Spanish.)

You can use human as a noun, but in that case it is just ONE OF THOSE THINGS!! You know, like SHEEP/SHEEP.

I think this is the shortest Ask Natalie I've ever written. ONE FOR THE RECORD BOOKS.



So, I was just going through some pictures on my computer, and I found a couple that looked a lot like some comics that were posted recently.



This dog gets his shit all crammed in his maw sometimes.

His problem is the opposite of Charles'. Chester can't keep his business from getting in his mouth, Charles' shit is always hanging out all over the place.

Did you know that dog lips are called "flews"? NOW YOU DO!




I actually got a few emails from people when this comic went up, wondering about the bathroom and my inspiration for the comic, and wondering why a bathroom would be that small.

Well, I have no idea why a bathroom would be that small, but the inspiration for the comic was the fact that this tiny bathroom is MY BATHROOM! For the duration of our lease, at least. The best part of it, though, is the full-sized bathroom fan they put in this tiny tiny room. When you are in there with the door closed, and the fan on, it feels like you are going to get sucked through the ceiling, and it sounds like you are riding a rocket. We refer to it as the Rocket Bathroom, in fact.

I have a friend who lives a few blocks from me, and she also has a tiny little bathroom kinda like this one (only, instead of the tiny pie-shaped toilet and sink crammed in the corners, she has a regular toilet and a tiny tiny sink right up next to each other.) Bathrooms too small to stand in must have been the style in the early 1900s. I would be irritated by it, but there are other bathrooms in the house, so it is no biggie. Since it does not have an adverse effect on my preening, I just find it to be a charming feature.


In other news...

Mr. Drew has some new shirts up. This time, the shirts are being modeled by our pal, Chris the Red Fox, and ME. I'd never modeled a single shirt until now. My nearly catatonic levels of chilled-outness kinda work against me, as I am not nearly as animated as most of the Sharing Machine Spokemodel Team.

But, in the interest of getting shit done, I bit the bullet on this round. Commemorate the occasion by purchasing a fine shirt from my husband, show him these titties can fucking launch a fleet of (tshirt-laden) ships, for real for real.


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