Q: My guy and I have just recently decided that it might be fun to booze it up every once in a while. I like Vodka but I only know how to mix it with orange juice, or coke, or make white russians, he doesn't like any of those. We like smirnoff but we want something manly. Do you have any suggestions?

A: Honestly, I don't like drinking all that much. I'm not particularly fond of the taste of alcohol, and I usually only drink if my desire to get fucked up overpowers my dislike of alcohol taste (which is rare) or if I am in a stressful situation (like having to give a college lecture.)

That being said, I do have some drinks that I enjoy, because they are pretty stiff, but taste like a Snapple or something. I don't really have any recipes for you, because I usually just eyeball 'em based on how big the glass is. Anyway, here they are:

Juice and tequila: Tequila is my favorite kind of booze, and it is really good with juice! I like it with any kind of juice (except cranberry or tomato.) It is rad with lemonaid. Tequila shots are also pretty awesome, if you are wanting to end up under the table.

Framboise with a shot of blueberry vodka: Mmmm! Framboise is raspberry beer. You just get a glass of it and dump a shot of blueberry vodka in it. Fruity and stiff, just how I like my drinks.

Chambord and Champagne: Fancy! Just add a shot or two of Chambord to a glass of champagne. Don't buy a big bottle of champagne unless you are having friends over, cause the shit goes flat, and if you try to clear a bottle yourself, you'll wind up stumbling out the back seat of some Benz, flashing your vagina everywhere. They sell little bottles with just a glass or two in them, they are not as wasteful.

For some reason champagne gets me wrecked pretty fast. Once, I went to some Monet show at some art gallery, and I had two glasses of champagne, and I had to crawl home. I am a lightweight, but that really seemed like great returns for little drinking investment.

Gin and Pineapple Juice: Excellent, and a nice departure from screwdrivers. You can also get little 8 packs of single serving cans of pineapple juice, so you dont have to mess with a big sticky can of the shit in your fridge forever. I am usually not a proponent of single-serving shit, cause it is a lot of packaging, but some things you only buy to make drinks, and you shouldn't really drink 48 ounces of gin and pineapple, or drink every night until you do, capice?

Cans of pineapple juice are just so doo-doo and inconvenient.

Hopefully that helped you out a little... they are not the manliest drinks, and I know you wanted some manly drink ideas, but the only manly drinks are pretty much beer and scotch/whiskey straight. Mixed drinks are pretty much for people who are not man enough to drink their shit straight.


While we are on the topic of getting messed up, have any of you lady blogreaders noticed that the Pamprin Maximum Strength Multi-Symptom is waaaay effective? I don't know if it ACTUALLY works on that many symptoms, but it makes me trip balls so hard I forget I even have a vagina, so any symptoms are not a concern. I can't even take the shit unless I am miserable, and also about ready to go to bed anyway. I refer to taking it as "gettin' in the p-hole", cause it makes me feel like I am wrapped up in 2 feet of cotton batting, and all my responses are on a 5 second delay. That's with a regular, as-directed dose, I think you would stop breathing if you took more than that. Thank you, Chattem, Inc. You make a hella-fine product, even if it makes me fear it falling into the wrong hands.


Maybe I just need to start partying harder, so everything I drink or OTC med I take doesn't make me flip out.


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