Weiner Wings04/27/07

I know I have mentioned before that I am from a pretty small town in Ohio. Ohio is a pretty interesing place in that it is not a terribly large state, but the different areas of Ohio are very very different.

The northeast part of the state has a very Pittsburgh-y, steel mill kinda feel to it. There are a lot of Italian and Polish immigrants that settled around there. The large cities, like Columbus and Cincinnati and Cleveland are just like any other large city.

A lot of the small towns in southern Ohio are considered to be a part of Appalachia. The town I grew up in was in northwestern Ohio, but a lot of the people who lived there moved from parts of Appalachia to work in plants.

I have known some Appalachians in my day. I have also eaten some Weiner Wings in my day.

This is my tribute to Appalachia and Weiner Wings.

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