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So, my dog Chester turned one year old on Friday. If you are not in the mood to backtrack and figure out the date, his birthday was on August 4th. In case you have not been introduced, this is Chester:

Unfortunately for Chester, I forgot about it until yesterday. Interestingly enough, I forgot Charles' first birthday as well, but I think I have more of an excuse for that... Charles' birthday is on Thanksgiving, and I had all of my family at my house that day, so SORRY CHARLES. One of the good things about dogs, though, is that they don't know what birthdays are, so they didn't really know the difference when we celebrated on a different day. When I say "celebrate," I mean, "give the dogs some table food for once." Chester got a playing card-sized piece of the that thin-sliced steak you use to make fajitas. He thought it was pretty cool. Here is a reenactment of the steak-eating, only with a little cake instead. MMMMMMMMM, eat that little cake that symbolizes a piece of meat!!

It is almost like going to church, you guys.

Anyway, I thought I should write a little bit about the fate of the ol' Ask Natalie column, since you guys have been asking about it... I took the past few months off because I was a little burnt out from writing it for the local paper. Writing it weekly was kinda a drag, cause I didn't get the luxury of being able to wait until good questions came in, so there were a ton of boyfriend/girlfriend questions being answered. Those are REALLY boring to write, and I am sure it is really boring to read.

So, from now on, I will be updating Ask Natalie here (in this blog), a question or two at a time, as often as I get good questions. If you want this to update a lot, then don't send me questions about whether or not the guy in your science class likes you. Nobody wants to read about that, no matter how cute he is, or how you like all the same bands (and I am not even going to get into how totally stupid it is to base relationships on that. I like the Cure. Do I want to date any guy who likes the Cure? Absolutely fucking not.) If I get a good question every day, I will update this blog with a new Ask Natalie question every day. Deal? Deal. I will start today, at the end of this blog post.

Send questions to, subject line ASK NATALIE.

Oh, that George. Bogarting it as usual.

Ask Natalie

Q: So, I've been having fantastic, exciting new-love sex with my new
beau. I have been really itching to try a buttplug during sex (I've never used one before.)

Any advice on convincing my lover to try this with me? He's not a
prude, but I don't want to scare him off. Do I need to ask him if it's
okay? Or should I just show up with it already snuggled in there and
be like, "What, bitch" ...?

A: Either way. If you stick it in prior to showing up at his place, he will just be like WHOA, and then be cool with it. If you just bring it up, he will be cool with it. Guys are usually pretty cool with most sex stuff, unless you want to drop a deuce on their chest or something. They are definitely into it if you suggest sticking things in your butt.
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