Etiquette what the shit.09/07/06

So, I have a little bit of a purse problem. I think I may have mentioned it here some time in the past. I like buying purses. I change my purse for different outfits and all that. I like carrying things around with me, and purses carry things around, so it is almost like we were made for each other.

(Now, before you guys go nuts telling me that it terrible for me to buy bags all the time, keep in mind that I give more to charity per year than I spend on purses per year, so it works out cosmically. Also, buying nice purses ensures that your purse will last for a long time instead of buying crappy purses and having to rebuy them over and over when the straps break or they get crappy looking. This is the line I feed to my husband.)

This blog is a little about the purse thing, then I am going to tell an anecdote, and use the anecdote to change to topic and start talking about something else. OK, let's do this thing.

Here we go: I got a little windfall, so I thought I would treat myself to a new purse. I found one that I liked. It was this one, in case you are interested in purses, which you might be if you have read this far:

I ordered it, then the next day I got a phone call from the place I ordered it from. The dude said that the purse was on backorder, and that they wouldn't be able to send it out until the next day. No biggie, right? I don't really care. It's not like I needed that particular bag to transport kidneys to sick little kids that need kidneys RIGHT NOW. I am just gonna put my cell phone and some tampons in it. I told the guy this:

"Oh, that's no problem, man. Just send it whenever it is back in stock."

His response? "Ohhhhhh, thank God! I think you gonna scream and cry, scream and cry."

What? What in the world? I was confused, why did he think I was gonna flip out? Then it occured to me: he has to call ladies all day and tell them their purses are gonna be late, and they always flip out at him.

People are totally unreasonable. I remember this from back when I worked in retail. It really blows. You would think that the first lesson you would teach someone is that when you treat other people well, and try to make compromises and cooperate, you will feel good, and the other person will feel good, too.

There is no reason to scream at a man because the luxury item you were purchasing was not in stock. It is not his fault. In fact, I bet that he does not make enough to even buy anything from the store he works at. There is no reason to block the grocery aisle with your cart, and then, when I say "Excuse me," give me a dirty look and NOT MOVE. Seriously, people.

I think that everyone's parents in recent generations fed their kids the YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE line, and the YOU ARE SO AWESOME AND SPECIAL line, and now society is just made up of people who think they run the world, and everyone else is just the supporting cast.

I think most of it is just the area of town I live in, but shit. So many people just spend their whole day shoving other people out of the way, ignoring cashiers at stores while they talk on the phone, triple (yes, triple) parking. What kind of lives do these people have? Does it feel good to body check old ladies at the mall and drive on the berm so you can pass everyone while you talk on your cellphone? I can't imagine that these cats are suddenly caring and considerate people when they get home.

I think Mahatma Gandhi mentioned at some point that you should be the change you want to see in the world. I like to think about this a lot, and I try everyday to be as helpful and nice to people as I can, whether I know them or not. I am getting a little better. It is just very frustrating to me on an ongoing basis, so I thought I would write about it.

Quit being shitty, everyone who is shitty.

EDIT: I thought I would throw this out there, as well, since it documents my poor impulse control when it comes to shopping. I found some fake fur blanket at the mall, and thought it would be funny to take a picture wrapped in fur like some burlesque model instead of wrapped in metal band tshirts and ratty jeans like the hesher I am.

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