So, in light of the new redesign (I still love it), I have been getting e-mails from people asking why I don't have any ads on my site. I thought it might be something interesting to talk about, since sites without ads seem to be the minority these days.

My first priority in making my site is making sure there is a drawing every single day, no matter what. My second prioity is presenting my comics in an enviroment that frames them well. The third priority and so on have nothing to do with the argument, so I am only gonna list two priorities.

I know that my stuff has a particular look to it, and is not very detailed, so I like having a site that is pretty plain. It is basically a glorified file directory with a header on it. Now, if I put up a bunch of ads, it would completely blow my stylistic idea. There would be some naked girl in a bunny hat trying to get you to buy some Hentai porn, or some skincare stuff, or some animated webhost ad. It looks sloppy. What if maybe one of my advertisers suddenly wanted to have animated ads of carnations and pleated pants and a bunch of orange stuff? My site would look horrible.

In addition, ads don't really bring in that much revenue. If you want to put ads on your site and make any kind of money at all (like, more than 45 bucks), you gotta flood your site with 'em. Now, the chances for my site to be ugly are increased exponentially.

Design aspects aside, I like maintaining an ad-free site. I like not trying to make you guys go to Suicide Girls. You've been there already! And if you click on the ad, you leave my site, where I like you to be, and I only make a 25% of a penny. What in the shit. You guys stay here as long as you are entertained, then go wherever your heart takes you. Maybe it will take you to an online gambling site, or to buy a new cellphone, but that will be your choice. I am not going to sell you out for 25% of a penny.

I also think that there is something honest about making my living only off the people who actually appreciate what I do. Like, the only way I get paid is if someone thinks I am funny enough or fucked up enough or whatever enough to want buy merchandise. That's pretty much it. The more people like my site, the more money I make. That is the only equation.

Now, in a year or so you see an ad on here, man...what then? Well, if that happens, you can rest assured that company must have given me a heaping mothershit ton of money, and that I am taking a bath in diamonds, and who doesn't want to do that?


This is an open letter to Ghostface Killah:

Dear Ghostface Killah,

You are my favorite rapper. I think that the way you write raps is superior to the way that other rappers do. I have seen some videos of you freestyling, and you are pretty much the best at that, too. Sometimes, I like your raps so hard that I wish you would write a novel-length rap. Like 300 pages. I can listen to "Stroke of Death" over and over and over and never get tired of it.

I like to listen to you when I am making accent pillows in my sewing room. I like listening to you in my station wagon on the way to Bed Bath and Beyond. I basically listen to you all day. I can't say what album is my favorite. I love all of them. A while ago, I thought I didn't like "Bulletproof Wallets," but it turned out that I was just not ready for it. Now I know, that album is the one to blog to. I just wasn't ready to blog that hard.

I recently had a dinner party, and made some cavatelli. There were like 12 people there, and the whole time, I just played Ghostface Killah albums, cause your rhymes are like ziti, and ziti is kinda like cavatelli. I think that 75% of the guests would have preferred to not listen to you for 4 hours solid, but it was my party so fuck em.

Here are some pictures of the sauce I made for my Ghostface Killah Dinner Party. I am pretty sure it is against many different religions:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Well, I oughta go now. I gotta go click click click.

Love, Natalie


So, as I was clicking up there in that above section, I had a dinner party this past weekend. I often refer to myself as "the heavy metal Martha Stewart," so I thought I should bring the noise. Plus, I had been watching a lot of Julia Child lately, so I was feeling like a large cooking project. I made that mess of sauce that Mr. Ghost is modeling above, and had some other stuff, too.

Hey, look, it's some antipasti!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Everything turned out pretty good. There is so much leftover pasta that I have been eating it for days. My pee smells like tomato sauce, and my guts are all glued up with flour and water. It feels like I ate a cinderblock. Ugh.
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